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7-23-17 Jesus In His Own Words: Adjusting Our Expectations
Paul Coleman Jul 24, 20179:30 a.m.

7-16-17 Jesus In His Own Words: Living On Love
Paul Coleman, Tim Whedbee Jul 18, 20179:30 a.m.

7-9-17 Jesus In His Own Words: The Fruitful Life
Paul Coleman Jul 10, 20179:30 a.m.

7-2-17 Jesus In His Own Words: Good, Good Father
Paul Coleman Jul 3, 20179:30 a.m.

6-25-17 Guest Speaker: Jonathan Land
Jonathan Land Jun 26, 20179:30 a.m.

6-18-17 Breakthrough: Experiencing A Breakthrough
Pastor Glynn Stone Jun 20, 20179:30 a.m.

6-11-17 Breakthrough: Embrace The Brokenness
Pastor Glynn Stone Jun 13, 201711:00 a.m.

6-5-17 Guest Speaker: Joe Veal
Joe Veal Jun 5, 20179:30 a.m.

5-28-17 Breakthrough: Enjoy The Blesser
Pastor Glynn Stone May 30, 20179:30 a.m.

5-21-17 Break Through: Eliminate The Barriers
Pastor Glynn Stone May 22, 20179:30 a.m.

5-14-17 The Book That Changed The World
Pastor Glynn Stone May 14, 20179:30 a.m.

5-7-17 I Am Not Ashamed
Pastor Glynn Stone May 8, 20179:30 a.m.

4-30-17 Turning Hurts Into Helps
Paul Coleman May 1, 20179:30 a.m.

4-23-17 How to Live Right Side Up in an Upside Down World
Pastor Glynn Stone Apr 24, 20179:30 a.m.

4-16-17 EASTER: Why Did Jesus Have To Die?
Pastor Glynn Stone Apr 16, 20179:30 a.m.

4-14-17 The Cross Experience
Pastor Glynn Stone Apr 14, 2017Other

4-9-17 WAR ROOM: When You Don’t Get What You Want
Pastor Glynn Stone Apr 12, 20179:30 a.m.

4-2-17 WAR ROOM: Who’s Got Your Back
Pastor Glynn Stone Apr 3, 20178:00 a.m.

3-26-17 WAR ROOM: Defeating The Devil
Pastor Glynn Stone Mar 27, 20179:30 a.m.

3-19-17 WAR ROOM: What Happens When We Pray
Pastor Glynn Stone Mar 20, 201711:00 a.m.

3-12-17 WAR ROOM: How To Go From An Average Prayer Life To A Life-Changing Prayer Life
Dr. Gregory Frizzell Mar 13, 201711:00 a.m.

3-5-17 WAR ROOM: Secrets of the Secret Place
Pastor Glynn Stone Mar 6, 20179:30 a.m.

2-26-17 Why I Tithe
Pastor Glynn Stone Feb 27, 20179:30 a.m.

2-19-17 Fault Lines: When Two Wills Collide
Pastor Glynn Stone Feb 20, 20179:30 a.m.

2-12-17 Fault Lines: A House Divided
Pastor Glynn Stone Feb 13, 20178:00 a.m.

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