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Discovery Courses

Discovery Courses are designed to help provide resources and opportunities for each person to strengthen and develop their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Each semester at Mobberly we offer a variety of Discovery Courses that are designed to help you continue developing in one of these key areas.


Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support Group 
9/11 - 12/4
Facilitator: Julie Rucker
Room: D119 Time: 6:30 PM  (Thrive)

Are you walking beside someone battling Alzheimer’s or another memory loss disease?  This faith based support group will provide practical helps and encouragements as you navigate through these ever-changing challenges

Celebrate Recovery: Discovering the DNA of CR
Facilitator: Various
Room: D108/09/11 Time: 6:30 PM  (Thrive)

Recovery program based on the eight principles from the Beatitudes to help you overcome your hurt, habits, and hang-ups.

Financial Peace University
8/28 - 10/30
Facilitator: Greg Martin
Room: D103 Time: 6:30 PM  (Develop)

9-week study teaching God's way of handling money.  Cost is $93 for materials, no new entrants after Week 2.

Grief Share
9/11 - 12/4
Facilitator: Mark McSweeney
Room: D117 Time: 6:30 PM (Thrive)

Help you find strength and healing as you move forward in your daily walk of grief, helping to develop hope for the future.

Grief and Suicide Support
9/11 - 12/4
Facilitator: Gail Moore
Room: D114 Time: 6:30 PM  (Thrive)

5-week study for those who have been impacted by suicide helps point to Christ for comfort, understanding, and peace.

Growing and Going Beyond Divorce
9/11 - 12/4
Facilitator: Various
Room: D100 Time: 6:30 PM  (Thrive)

Designed to help you understand the stages you will experience, identify the stage you are in, accept yourself, and realize God's love for you.

Holy Yoga
9/18 - 12/11
Facilitator: Cortney Tant
Room: D200 Time: 6:30 PM  (Women’s)

Slow Flow Yoga for all levels.  Opportunity to invite women you know who love yoga and may not otherwise meditate on the word of God.

Mobberly Marriage Moments - Longview (2nd Monday of each month - No meeting Dec.) 
Facilitator: Various
Place: Papacita's Time: 6:45 PM  (Develop)

Couples listen to a marriage expert share about how to sharpen a basic marriage skill such as communication, conflict resolution, etc.

Practical Parenting - No Drama Discipline
9/18 - 12/4
Facilitator: Kara Curfman
Room: D105 Time: 6:30 PM  (Life Matters)

The whole-brain way to calms the chaos and nurture your child's developing mind

Thrive for Kids
9/11 - 12/4
Facilitator: Various
Room: D2xx Time: 6:30 PM  (Thrive)

Support for children of families going through the hard times of life.  Divided by life issues and age groups.

Beginning 10/23 - 11/13
Facilitator: Freda Gantt
Room: D120 Time: 6:30 PM (Women's)

Freda shares truths she has learned from Scriptures about Hannah.


9/18 - 12/4
Facilitator:Jill Davis/Mary K Tiller
Place: Jill Davis' Home Time: 7:30 PM  (Women’s)

Verse-by-verse exploration of what Ephesians can teach us about God and who He created us to be.


Connect Group
Facilitator: B. Ingram/C. Robertson B203 6:00 PM Connect -
Approximate age range: 20's-30's (couples)
Facilitator: David Johnson D116 6:00 PM Connect - Approximate age range: 32-42 (couples)
Facilitator: A. McKinley/C. Scott D117 6:00 PM Connect - Approximate age range: 26-36 (couples)

Discover Growth
10/25 - 11/15
Facilitator: Jeff Jones
Room: D108 Time 6:00 PM (Develop)

3-week class designed to help the believer understand assurance of their salvation, temptation and victory over sin, and new habits for growing.

Engage 201: Gospel Engagement Without Fear
10/11 - 11/15
Facilitator: J. Shepherd & G. Zackary
Room: D115 Time: 6:00 PM  (Engage)

Picks up where E101 ends, providing practical help in beginning spiritual conversations and sharing the gospel.  Provides hands-on Engage opps.

Personal Holiness in Times of Temptation (Bruce Wilkinson)
10/11 - 11/15
Facilitator: Andy McGuire
Room: D102 Time: 6:00 PM  (Men's)

Provides down-to-earth biblical help in remaining morally pure and not giving in to temptation, despite today's constant pressure to do so.

Punto de Conexión Cont.
Facilitator: Calixto Arce
Room: B202 Time: 6:00 PM  (Mobberly en Español)

A Bible study and fellowship time designed to give our Hispanic members an opportunity to connect halfway through the week.

Senior Adult Wednesday Bible Study
Facilitator: Charles Barham
Room: D105 Time: 6:00 PM  (Develop)

Join other senior adults in a weekly study of God's Word, led by Charles Barham.


Discerning the Voice of God (Priscilla Shirer)
9/6 - 11/1
Facilitator: Kendall Harper
Room: Marshall Convention Center Time: 6:30 PM  (Women’s)

7-session study to discover the root to clear and daily communication with God - humble obedience.


Holy Yoga
9/14 - 12/14
Facilitator: Cortney Tant
Room: D200 Time: 9:30 AM  (Women’s)

Slow Flow Yoga for all levels.  Opportunity to invite women you know who love yoga and may not otherwise meditate on the word of God.

Precept: John
9/14 - 12/14
Facilitator:Debbie Deason/Barbara Patterson
Room: D120 Time: 9:30 AM  (Women’s)

Using the Precept study method, see how John (from beginning to end) reveals Jesus as the Son of God.

Precept: Romans I, II
9/14 - 12/7
Facilitator: Jerry Rutherford/Diane Crisp
Room: D117 Time: 9:30 AM  (Women’s)

Using the Precept study method,  see how Romans explains the foundational doctrines of our faith - original sin, justification, redemption, & propitiation.

Steadfast Love (Lauren Chandler)
9/14 - 11/2
Facilitator: Sarah Medin/Heidi Archer
Room: D115 Time: 9:30 AM  (Women’s)

Learn how God shows His steadfast love whether worship overflows effortlessly or when God seems far and we feel we have nothing to offer.

The Armor of God (Priscilla Shirer)
9/14 - 11/2
Facilitator: Emily Thornton/Leslie Reynolds
Room: D110/111 Time: 9:30 AM  (Women’s)

Learn how to be aware and armed to fight in the invisible war that rages around you and seeks to impact  your heart, mind, family, and destiny.

Think Differently (James MacDonald)
9/14 - 11/30
Facilitator: Bettie Bozarth
Room: D116 Time: 9:30 AM  (Women’s)

Romans challenges us to no longer be conformed to the patterns of the world but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

Womenary - Systematic Theology
9/14 - 11/16
Facilitator: Bo Patterson
Room: D112/113 Time: 9:30 AM  (Women’s)

Sessions present what can be known about God in an organized study of His attributes, administration, and authority over the created order.


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