Combining the Influence

When it comes to spiritual formation, church and home both have influence in the lives of children and students. However, statistics will show that parents still exercise the greatest influence on the spiritual development of their children. Merge is a Biblical approach to combine the influence of church and home. Merge will help our church and parents form a stronger, more intentional partnership to create a greater impact on the next generation. Merge is not a program; it is a lifestyle of leadership. Deut. 6:6-7 expresses God’s expectation for all parents - to lead their children to love Him above everyone and everything else. Merge provides parents with the plan and resources to help them lead their families.

1. Spiritual Foundation - Instilling basic concepts about God 2. Spiritual Birth - Beginning a relationship with Jesus 3. Spiritual Discovery - Understanding basic Christian truths 4. Spiritual Ownership - Taking personal responsibility for continued spiritual growth 5. Spiritual Leadership - Learning to use your influence for the Lord














Core Truths - At each stage of spiritual development parents will teach their kids a few basic Core Truths from scripture. These Core Truths will be broken down into smaller concepts and taught by parents through the use of Faith Talks.

Faith Talks - Pre-designed, intentional conversations that are led by parents to impress Biblical truths upon their kids. These are written by Mobberly’s staff and provided as a resource to parents. Parents then choose the best time to have these strategic conversations with their kids based on the pattern (Rhythm) of each family. Families should plan one Faith Talk time each week.

God Sightings - As parents become accustomed to intentionally impressing truth upon their kids they will begin to notice unplanned moments where they see God at work and can call attention to things He is doing or has done - these are called God sightings.

Rhythm - Each family will have to decide the best time each week to meet for a Faith Talk or parents may decide to have Faith Talks with each of their kids individually based on the stage of their kid’s spiritual development. Deut. 6:7 emphasizes the need to take advantage of common times that all families encounter: when you sit in your house, when you walk along the road, when you lie down, when you get up. This is the rhythm of life - families will decide how to impress truth upon their kids utilizing these times, thus families will find their own rhythm.

Stages of Spiritual Development - Times in each child’s life associated with the need to have their parents impress upon them particular Biblical truths.

Stages Of Spiritual Development

Merge Stage Development Seminars help parents learn how to continue nurturing spiritual growth in their children.


Discover Merge

Parents this seminar is for you. Come discover how to lead your children spiritually. Deuteronomy 6 explains God’s design for parents as the primary spiritual influencers of the next generation. At Mobberly we want to Merge with you and combine the influence of church and home to create the greatest impact possible. This seminar is for every parent who is new to Mobberly or has not had the opportunity to attend a Merge Family Conference.

Stage 1 • Spiritual Foundation

This Merge seminar is for parents who have children in Pre-school. It is designed to equip parents to instill basic concepts about God in their children's lives. Building a solid foundation is the starting place for nurturing a lifetime of spiritual pursuit. Come discover effective ways to communicate essential Core Truths to your child that they need to understand in these formative years.

Stage 2 • Spiritual Birth

This Merge Seminar is for parents who have children in elementary grades 1-4. It is designed to equip parents to lead their children to begin a personal relationship with Jesus. Come discover effective ways to communicate essential Core Truths to your child to lead them to Jesus.

Stage 3 • Spiritual Discovery

This Merge seminar is for parents who have children in grades 5-6. It is designed to equip parents to lead their children to understand basic Christian truths. Come discover effective ways to communicate essential core truths to your child in this stage of their spiritual development.

Stage 4 • Spiritual Ownership

This Merge seminar is for parents who have kids in grades 7-8. It is designed to equip parents to lead their kids to take personal responsibility for their continued spiritual growth. Come discover effective ways to communicate essential Core Truths to your child in this stage of their spiritual development.

Stage 5 • Spiritual Leadership

This Merge seminar is for parents who have youth in grades 9-12. It is designed to equip parents to lead their kids to use their influence for the Lord. Come discover how to effectively communicate essential Core Truths to your student during this stage of their spiritual development.

Merge Grandparenting

This Merge Seminar is for every Grandparent. God has placed the influence of a grandparent in the heart of their grandchildren. Come discover how to maximize your influence by communicating core truths to your grandchildren at every stage of their spiritual development.

Merge Specialty Seminar • How to Have Quiet Time With Your Kids

This Merge Seminar is for every parent. It is designed to help parents explore some very practical ways to spend time in God’s presence together with their children. One of the best disciplines a parent can model for their children is how to know the Lord personally.

Sept., 2015 Merge Devotionals

During the month of September, Mobberly will feature a sermon series about Merge and the five stages of spiritual development in all of its Sunday morning services. Each week during the month, a new devotional that corresponds to the sermon series will be posted in this space. We encourage you to read through the devotional alone or with your Small Groups and consider the questions at the end of each devotional. 

Week of Sept. 6: Spiritual Foundation and Birth (.pdf)
Week of Sept. 13: Spiritual Discovery (.pdf)
Week of Sept. 20: Spiritual Ownership (.pdf)
Week of Sept. 27: Spiritual Leadership (.pdf)

Below there are 6 Bible Study sessions taught by our staff via video that will help explain what Merge is and how it works. Click on each to watch.

Becoming a Parent Who Leads
The Heart of The Merge Parent
The Strategic Nature of Spiritual Development
Helping Families Find Their Rhythm
Communicating Core Truths
The Power of Meaningful Partnerships

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